fish_mode_prompt - define the appearance of the mode indicator


function fish_mode_prompt
     echo -n "$fish_bind_mode "


The fish_mode_prompt function outputs the mode indicator for use in vi-mode.

The default fish_mode_prompt function will output indicators about the current Vi editor mode displayed to the left of the regular prompt. Define your own function to customize the appearance of the mode indicator. The $fish_bind_mode variable can be used to determine the current mode. It will be one of default, insert, replace_one, or visual.

You can also define an empty fish_mode_prompt function to remove the Vi mode indicators:

function fish_mode_prompt; end
funcsave fish_mode_prompt

fish_mode_prompt will be executed when the vi mode changes. If it produces any output, it is displayed and used. If it does not, the other prompt functions (fish_prompt and fish_right_prompt) will be executed as well in case they contain a mode display.


function fish_mode_prompt
  switch $fish_bind_mode
    case default
      set_color --bold red
      echo 'N'
    case insert
      set_color --bold green
      echo 'I'
    case replace_one
      set_color --bold green
      echo 'R'
    case visual
      set_color --bold brmagenta
      echo 'V'
    case '*'
      set_color --bold red
      echo '?'
  set_color normal

Outputting multiple lines is not supported in fish_mode_prompt.