fish_prompt - define the appearance of the command line prompt


function fish_prompt


The fish_prompt function is executed when the prompt is to be shown, and the output is used as a prompt.

The exit status of commands within fish_prompt will not modify the value of $status outside of the fish_prompt function.

fish ships with a number of example prompts that can be chosen with the fish_config command.


A simple prompt:

function fish_prompt -d "Write out the prompt"
    # This shows up as USER@HOST /home/user/ >, with the directory colored
    # $USER and $hostname are set by fish, so you can just use them
    # instead of using `whoami` and `hostname`
    printf '%s@%s %s%s%s > ' $USER $hostname \
        (set_color $fish_color_cwd) (prompt_pwd) (set_color normal)