nextd - move forward through directory history


nextd [ -l | --list ] [POS]


nextd moves forwards POS positions in the history of visited directories; if the end of the history has been hit, a warning is printed.

If the -l or --list flag is specified, the current directory history is also displayed.

Note that the cd command limits directory history to the 25 most recently visited directories. The history is stored in the $dirprev and $dirnext variables which this command manipulates.

You may be interested in the cdh command which provides a more intuitive way to navigate to recently visited directories.


cd /usr/src
# Working directory is now /usr/src

cd /usr/src/fish-shell
# Working directory is now /usr/src/fish-shell

# Working directory is now /usr/src

# Working directory is now /usr/src/fish-shell