echo - display a line of text




echo displays a string of text.

The following options are available:

  • -n, Do not output a newline
  • -s, Do not separate arguments with spaces
  • -E, Disable interpretation of backslash escapes (default)
  • -e, Enable interpretation of backslash escapes

Escape Sequences

If -e is used, the following sequences are recognized:

  • \ backslash
  • \a alert (BEL)
  • \b backspace
  • \c produce no further output
  • \e escape
  • \f form feed
  • \n new line
  • \r carriage return
  • \t horizontal tab
  • \v vertical tab
  • \0NNN byte with octal value NNN (1 to 3 digits)
  • \xHH byte with hexadecimal value HH (1 to 2 digits)


echo 'Hello World'

Print hello world to stdout

echo -e 'Top\\nBottom'

Print Top and Bottom on separate lines, using an escape sequence