string-repeat - multiply a string


string repeat [(-n | --count) COUNT] [(-m | --max) MAX] [-N | --no-newline]
              [-q | --quiet] [STRING ...]


string repeat repeats the STRING -n or --count times. The -m or --max option will limit the number of outputted characters (excluding the newline). This option can be used by itself or in conjunction with --count. If both --count and --max are present, max char will be outputed unless the final repeated string size is less than max, in that case, the string will repeat until count has been reached. Both --count and --max will accept a number greater than or equal to zero, in the case of zero, nothing will be outputed. If -N or --no-newline is given, the output won’t contain a newline character at the end. Exit status: 0 if yielded string is not empty, 1 otherwise.


Repeat Examples

>_ string repeat -n 2 'foo '
foo foo

>_ echo foo | string repeat -n 2

>_ string repeat -n 2 -m 5 'foo'

>_ string repeat -m 5 'foo'