string-pad - pad strings to a fixed width


string pad [(-r | --right)] [(-c | --char) CHAR] [(-w | --width) INTEGER] [STRING...]


string pad extends each STRING to the given width by adding CHAR to the left.

If -r or --right is given, add the padding after a string.

If -c or --char is given, pad with CHAR instead of whitespace.

The output is padded to the maximum width of all input strings. If -w or --width is given, use at least that.


>_ string pad -w 10 abc abcdef

>_ string pad --right --char=🐟 "fish are pretty" "rich. "
fish are pretty
rich.  🐟🐟🐟🐟

>_ string pad -w$COLUMNS (date)
# Prints the current time on the right edge of the screen.

See Also

  • The printf command can do simple padding, for example printf %10s\n works like string pad -w10.