fish_config - start the web-based configuration interface


fish_config browse
fish_config prompt (choose | list | save | show)


fish_config is used to configure fish.

Without arguments or with the browse command it starts the web-based configuration interface. The web interface allows you to view your functions, variables and history, and to make changes to your prompt and color configuration. It starts a local web server and opens a browser window. When you are finished, close the browser window and press the Enter key to terminate the configuration session.

If the BROWSER environment variable is set, it will be used as the name of the web browser to open instead of the system default.

With the prompt command fish_config can be used to view and choose a prompt from fish's sample prompts inside the terminal directly.

Available subcommands for the prompt command:

  • choose loads a sample prompt in the current session.

  • list lists the names of the available sample prompts.

  • save saves the current prompt to a file (via funcsave).

  • show shows what the given sample prompts (or all) would look like.


fish_config or fish_config browse opens a new web browser window and allows you to configure certain fish settings.

fish_config prompt show demos the available sample prompts.

fish_config prompt choose disco makes the disco prompt the prompt for the current session. This can also be used in to set the prompt.

fish_config prompt save saves the current prompt to an autoloaded file.

fish_config prompt save default chooses the default prompt and saves it.