fish_hg_prompt - output Mercurial information for use in a prompt


function fish_prompt
     printf '%s' $PWD (fish_hg_prompt) ' $ '


The fish_hg_prompt function displays information about the current Mercurial repository, if any.

Mercurial (hg) must be installed.

By default, only the current branch is shown because hg status can be slow on a large repository. You can enable a more informative prompt by setting the variable $fish_prompt_hg_show_informative_status, for example:

set --universal fish_prompt_hg_show_informative_status

If you enabled the informative status, there are numerous customization options, which can be controlled with fish variables.

  • $fish_color_hg_clean, $fish_color_hg_modified and $fish_color_hg_dirty are colors used when the repository has the respective status.

Some colors for status symbols:

  • $fish_color_hg_added

  • $fish_color_hg_renamed

  • $fish_color_hg_copied

  • $fish_color_hg_deleted

  • $fish_color_hg_untracked

  • $fish_color_hg_unmerged

The status symbols themselves:

  • $fish_prompt_hg_status_added, default ‘✚’

  • $fish_prompt_hg_status_modified, default ‘*’

  • $fish_prompt_hg_status_copied, default ‘⇒’

  • $fish_prompt_hg_status_deleted, default ‘✖’

  • $fish_prompt_hg_status_untracked, default ‘?’

  • $fish_prompt_hg_status_unmerged, default ‘!’

Finally, $fish_prompt_hg_status_order, which can be used to change the order the status symbols appear in. It defaults to added modified copied deleted untracked unmerged.

See also fish_vcs_prompt, which will call all supported version control prompt functions, including git, Mercurial and Subversion.


A simple prompt that displays hg info:

function fish_prompt
    set -g fish_prompt_hg_show_informative_status
    printf '%s %s$' $PWD (fish_hg_prompt)