command - run a program




command forces the shell to execute the program COMMANDNAME and ignore any functions or builtins with the same name.

The following options are available:

-a or --all

Prints all COMMAND found in PATH, in the order found.

-q or --query

Silence output and print nothing, setting only exit status. Implies --search. For compatibility, this is also --quiet (deprecated).

-v (or -s or --search)

Prints the external command that would be executed, or prints nothing if no file with the specified name could be found in PATH.

-h or --help

Displays help about using this command.

With the -v option, command treats every argument as a separate command to look up and sets the exit status to 0 if any of the specified commands were found, or 127 if no commands could be found. --quiet used with -v prevents commands being printed, like type -q.


command ls executes the ls program, even if an ls function also exists.
command -s ls prints the path to the ls program.
command -q git; and command git log runs git log only if git exists.