block - temporarily block delivery of events


block [(--local | --global)]
block --erase


block prevents events triggered by fish or the emit command from being delivered and acted upon while the block is in place.

In functions, block can be useful while performing work that should not be interrupted by the shell.

The block can be removed. Any events which triggered while the block was in place will then be delivered.

Event blocks should not be confused with code blocks, which are created with begin, if, while or for

Without options, the block command acts with function scope.

The following options are available:

-l or --local

Release the block automatically at the end of the current innermost code block scope.

-g or --global

Never automatically release the lock.

-e or --erase

Release global block.

-h or --help

Displays help about using this command.


# Create a function that listens for events
function --on-event foo foo; echo 'foo fired'; end

# Block the delivery of events
block -g

emit foo
# No output will be produced

block -e
# 'foo fired' will now be printed


Events are only received from the current fish process as there is no way to send events from one fish process to another (yet).