bg - send jobs to background


bg [PID ...]


bg sends jobs to the background, resuming them if they are stopped.

A background job is executed simultaneously with fish, and does not have access to the keyboard. If no job is specified, the last job to be used is put in the background. If PID is specified, the jobs containing the specified process IDs are put in the background.

For compatibility with other shells, job expansion syntax is supported for bg. A PID of the format %1 will be interpreted as the PID of job 1. Job numbers can be seen in the output of jobs.

When at least one of the arguments isn’t a valid job specifier, bg will print an error without backgrounding anything.

When all arguments are valid job specifiers, bg will background all matching jobs that exist.

The -h or --help option displays help about using this command.


bg 123 456 789 will background the jobs that contain processes 123, 456 and 789.

If only 123 and 789 exist, it will still background them and print an error about 456.

bg 123 banana or bg banana 123 will complain that “banana” is not a valid job specifier.

bg %1 will background job 1.