alias - create a function


alias [--save] NAME DEFINITION
alias [--save] NAME=DEFINITION


alias is a simple wrapper for the function builtin, which creates a function wrapping a command. It has similar syntax to POSIX shell alias. For other uses, it is recommended to define a function.

If you want to ease your interactive use, to save typing, consider using an abbreviation instead.

fish marks functions that have been created by alias by including the command used to create them in the function description. You can list alias-created functions by running alias without arguments. They must be erased using functions -e.

  • NAME is the name of the alias

  • DEFINITION is the actual command to execute. alias automatically appends $argv, so that all parameters used with the alias are passed to the actual command.

You cannot create an alias to a function with the same name. Note that spaces need to be escaped in the call to alias just like at the command line, even inside quoted parts.

The following options are available:

-h or --help

Displays help about using this command.

-s or --save

Saves the function created by the alias into your fish configuration directory using funcsave.


The following code will create rmi, which runs rm with additional arguments on every invocation.

alias rmi="rm -i"

# This is equivalent to entering the following function:
function rmi --wraps rm --description 'alias rmi=rm -i'
    rm -i $argv

# This needs to have the spaces escaped or ""
# will be seen as an argument to "/Applications/Google":
alias chrome='/Applications/Google\\ Chrome banana'

See more

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