time - measure how long a command or block takes




time causes fish to measure how long a command takes and print the results afterwards. The command can be a simple fish command or a block. The results can not currently be redirected.

For checking timing after a command has completed, check $CMD_DURATION.

Your system most likely also has a time command. To use that use something like command time, as in command time sleep 10. Because it's not inside fish, it won't have access to fish functions and won't be able to time blocks and such.


(for obvious reasons exact results will vary on your system)

>_ time sleep 1s

Executed in    1,01 secs   fish           external
   usr time    2,32 millis    0,00 micros    2,32 millis
   sys time    0,88 millis  877,00 micros    0,00 millis

>_ time for i in 1 2 3; sleep 1s; end

Executed in    3,01 secs   fish           external
   usr time    9,16 millis    2,94 millis    6,23 millis
   sys time    0,23 millis    0,00 millis    0,23 millis

Inline variable assignments need to follow the time keyword:

>_ time a_moment=1.5m sleep $a_moment

Executed in   90.00 secs      fish           external
   usr time    4.62 millis    4.62 millis    0.00 millis
   sys time    2.35 millis    0.41 millis    1.95 millis