fish_vcs_prompt - output version control system information for use in a prompt


function fish_prompt
     printf '%s' $PWD (fish_vcs_prompt) ' $ '


The fish_vcs_prompt function displays information about the current version control system (VCS) repository, if any.

It calls out to VCS-specific functions. The currently supported systems are:

If a VCS isn't installed, the respective function does nothing.

The svn prompt is disabled by default because it's slow on large svn repositories. To enable it, modify fish_vcs_prompt to uncomment it. See funced.

For more information, see the documentation for each of the functions above.


A simple prompt that displays all known VCS info:

function fish_prompt
    set -g __fish_git_prompt_showupstream auto
    printf '%s %s$' $PWD (fish_vcs_prompt)