fish_breakpoint_prompt - define the prompt when stopped at a breakpoint


function fish_breakpoint_prompt


fish_breakpoint_prompt is the prompt function when asking for input in response to a breakpoint command.

The exit status of commands within fish_breakpoint_prompt will not modify the value of $status outside of the fish_breakpoint_prompt function.

fish ships with a default version of this function that displays the function name and line number of the current execution context.


A simple prompt that is a simplified version of the default debugging prompt:

function fish_breakpoint_prompt -d "Write out the debug prompt"
    set -l function (status current-function)
    set -l line (status current-line-number)
    set -l prompt "$function:$line >"
    echo -ns (set_color $fish_color_status) "BP $prompt" (set_color normal) ' '