fish shell on Apple Silicon

The Macs announced in Nov 2020 use a new processor architecture, and run legacy software through an x86 emulation layer. fish works emulated, but works better when native.

To install native built fish:

  1. The official Mac installer and app are universal for fish 3.1.2 and later, as of Nov 24, 2020. If you have previously installed fish through the package, re-download from the main site and re-install.
  2. MacPorts users will get native fish.
  3. Homebrew users using an ARM native install may install as normal brew install fish. Expect the install to take some time, as it currently builds from source.
  4. Homebrew users using an emulated install will get emulated fish. This works fine, except that all processes it creates will also be emulated.

To check the status of your install:

From within fish, run:

lipo -info (status fish-path)
If it says "x86_64 arm64" (or just "arm64") then fish is built native. If it says "x86_64" only, fish is running in emulated mode.